1. We guarantee that the buyer will not pay any extra fees for passenger transfer services purchased from the istanbultransfertime.com website.
  2. We guarantee that we will refund the customer’s cancellation request under the terms of the refund
  3. We guarantee that passenger transfer reservations made through istanbultransfertime.com will be made within the options specified by the customer.

Refund and Cancellation Terms

  1. The customer can cancel the passenger transfer service purchased from onezerotour.com
  2. The customer must notify in writing at least 5 hours before the transfer time (except for force majeure) that he wants to cancel the transfer service purchased from the istanbultransfertime.com website.
  3. The cancellation must be notified in writing through the communication channels in the contact us tab.
  4. Onezerotour.com takes reservation payments by credit card.
  5. Payment refunds are 1-3 work days for credit cards and 7-14 work days for debit cards.
  6. A paid payment can be canceled on the same day (before the end of the day) due to bank rules.
  7. Force Majeure: natural disasters or outbreaks such as earthquakes, fires, volcanic eruptions, floods, storms, hurricanes, fog, avalanches, lightning strikes and nuclear, chemical disasters or spills and outbreaks, and adverse weather conditions, obstacles, duty, terrorism, war, war is considered a compelling cause if it prevents the onset or continuation of the possibility of war.

Changes Terms

  1. The buyer can change the options of the passenger transfer service purchased from istanbultransfertime.com, at the latest 5 hours before the passenger transfer time.
  2. The buyer must notify the change in writing, at the latest 5 hours before the passenger transfer time, through the “contact us” tab.