Istanbul Airport Transfer Guide

Istanbul airport transfer service is a safe and comfortable transportation service. You can buy Istanbul airport transfer service on our website in the most convenient, fastest and safest way. If you are coming to airport (IST) and need Istanbul airport transfer service, you can choose us.

We will try to give you information on how to go from Istanbul airport to the city center, including Istanbul airport transfer.

What is airport transfer fee?

With Istanbul airport transfer, you can reach Taksim, Sultanahmet, Eminonu, Besiktas, Beyoglu, city center etc. Let us share the transportation options with you.

1 – How do I get from Istanbul airport to my hotel?

With Istanbul airport transfer service, you can get safe, fast and comfortable transportation service to your accommodation from our website. We meet you at the Istanbul airport, accompany you to the transfer vehicle and deliver you to your hotel.

Transfer Vehicles

  • Mercedes Benz Vito – Minivan ( 1-5 Passenger )
  • Mercedes Benz Sprinter – Minibus ( 1-15 Passenger )
  • Isuzu Novo Lux – Midibus ( 1-27 Passenger )
  • Mercedes Benz – Otobüs ( 1-45 Passenger )

Populer Transfers

  • Airport transfer
  • Sabiha Gokcen transfer
  • Sultanahmet transfer
  • Taksim transfer
  • Eminonu transfer
  • Beyoglu transfer
  • Besiktas transfer
  • Kadikoy transfer

If you want to use the airport transfer service, you can also get the Istanbul city transfer service. The relevant page to get this service is here.

istanbul airport transfer
Istanbul airport transfer – Sultanahmet – Obelisk

Transfers from Istanbul to Other Cities

  • Bolu transfer
  • Abant transfer
  • Çanakkale transfer
  • Yalova transfer
  • Sapanca transfer
  • İzmit transfer
  • Düzce transfer
  • Edirne transfer
  • Çorlu transfer
  • Bursa transfer
  • Gebze transfer
istanbul airport transfer
Istanbul airport transfer – Topkapi Palace

How much does it cost from Istanbul airport to city?

Our prices are determined according to the location you choose at the time of booking. Locations close to the city center, Besiktas, Taksim, Sultanahmet, Sisli, Maslak, Eminonu.

  • Sultanahmet Transfer $55 (taxes included)
  • Transfer $55 (taxes included)
  • Taksim Transfer $55 (taxes included)
  • Sisli Transfer $55 (taxes included)
  • Besiktas Transfer $55 (taxes included)
  • Maslak Transfer $55 (taxes included)
  • Eminonu Transfer $55 (taxes included)
  • Sirkeci Transfer $55 (taxes included)
Istanbul airport transfer – booking cost

How long does it take to get from Istanbul Airport to city center?

Transportation time using airport transfer takes 50-60 minutes. The total distance to the Istanbul city center is calculated as 54 km. Since Istanbul is a very lively and crowded city, the times given here may increase or decrease depending on the traffic situation.

2 – Ist airport bus transfer

Passengers who do not want to use airport transfer can reach the airport by bus. There are many bus lines from airport to the city center. Due to the different routes of the passengers who will use these lines, transportation times and prices may differ.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Public Bus (IETT)

Since these buses are for the public, it will be very difficult for you to travel from the airport with your luggage. Therefore, if you prefer these buses, you may experience problems. In addition, you need to buy an istanbulkart to travel with these buses. Some bus lines from airport to the city center are as follows.

  • H1 Line – Mahmutbey Metro – Ist Airport
  • H2 Line- Mecidiyekoy – Ist Airport (One of the closest bus lines to the city center)
  • H3 Line – Halkali – Ist Airport ( You can transfer to Marmaray)
  • H6 Line – Arnavutkoy – Ist Airport
  • H8 Line – Haciosman – Sariyer- Ist Airport (One of the closest bus lines to the city center)
  • H9 Line – Cevizlibag – Ist Airport

It is very easy to reach Istanbul city center with the H2 line. For this, you can choose this line.

For these bus lines, you can find the departure and arrival points, departure times, stop and line names on the IETT website.


These buses, which go directly to the city center from airport, can be preferred for passengers. Havaist buses usually transport passengers to the centrally located places of the city. For example, you can reach centers such as Taksim, Mecidiyekoy, Eminonu and Kadikoy with these buses. In addition, these buses provide comfortable and fast transportation.

Popular Havaist Lines

  • Havaist-5 Line Esenler-Otogar
  • Havaist-12 Line Beyazit
  • Havaist-15 Line Besiktas
  • Havaist-16 Line Taksim

3 – Transportation from airport to city center by Metro

Ist airport metro is not operational yet. When it becomes operational, it will be the easiest means of transportation to airport. Currently, Istanbul has many metro lines in the city. You can travel longer by transferring between these metro lines.

Istanbul Metro Map

istanbul airport transfer
istanbul airport transfer – metro map

4 – Istanbul airport taxi

You can also reach your hotel with the Ist airport taxi option. You can find the transportation fees from Ist airport below.

How much is a taxi from Istanbul airport to city Centre?

  • Ist Airport – Taksim 200-250 TRY(Approximately)
  • Ist Airport – Besiktas 200-250 TRY(Approximately)
  • Ist Airport – Maslak 150-200 TRY(Approximately)
  • Ist Airport – Sisli 150-200 TRY(Approximately)
  • Ist Airport – Sabiha Gokcen Airport 300-350 TRY(Approximately)

The fees stated here are approximate. You may have to pay less or more.

About Airport

Located on the European side, it is Turkey’s largest airport. Ist airport was opened on 29 October 2018. It made its first flight from Istanbul to Ankara on 29 October 2018. The name of Ist airport was first announced as the new airport, then it was announced as airport. The main terminal building is 1.3 million m2. The biggest passenger planes with F code at airport can land easily.

istanbul airport transfer